Corporate Social Responsibility
"For Needy People", in-short called "FNP" is CSR initiative of uTrade team. "Do good - Feel good" is the objective of this effort. Team uTrade contributes money, identify and deliver articles to needy people of the society.
Activities are held independtly or though some NGOs.
Activities are held independently or though some NGOs. Few things we have done so far. Old Clothes Donation, Summers 2016 - Pingalwara, Chandigarh

Old Clothes Donation Winters 2016 - Pingalwara, Chandigarh

School fees for 2017 session - Poor children in Punjab village

Visit to an orphanage - Gurasra Trust, Mohali

School fees for 2016 session - Poor children in Punjab village

Marriage gift for an orphan girl - Gurasra Trust, Mohali

Diwali Candles/Diyas - Ashiana, Panchkula

Blankets distribution - Labour and Rickshawallas

Medinow: Research in Progress

Medinow is an Automated Diagnosis and Dispensing Device, which will as the answer to the severe lack of trained doctors, medical personnel and other medical facilities in areas that are desperately deprived of medical facilities. The ATM-like interactive device will provide diagnostic functionality for basic diseases through an interactive screen, as well as dispense generic medicines to cure them.
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