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Work @ uTrade
What makes uTrade stand apart from other IT firms?
  • Stability as in a large firm, learning and responsibility as in a startup
  • Work Life Balance: We do what we like and we like what we do
  • Transparency from and to all stakeholders
  • Team member start up program: Unique program where Member can pursue their startup dreams while still cushioned and nurtured by uTrade. (take up risks to support your entrepreneurial streaks while still being cushioned )
  • Extensive investment on training and development programs
  • Innovation – Awarded by Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab Award in London; Most Innovative Idea of the year - Destination IT @ North Conclave, CII
  • Recognition of contribution in unique way, by making member more responsible and enabling them to discover their potential.
  • Flexibility
  • Interesting, Challenging Environment
Is uTrade a product or service based company?
We are a product based company and our software products are widely used by global financial institutions including Brokers, Algo Firms, Forex Traders, Stock Exchanges and their end customers.

Where to find the factual information about uTrade as organisation and its culture?

We appreciate that you want to rely on factual information than believing in random non-verified sources. Believe carefully in what you see.

The best way to get the right feedback, is to interact with any company’s team member, or alumni, or check the company’s website and follow the blogs by our team.

You can also post your queries here and they will be responded by credible sources.

For more details, please visit
Culture @ uTrade
What are the value systems followed in uTrade?
  • Customer Focus: We go above and beyond for customers’ success
  • Transparency: We believe in open communication and would like to listen and provide feedback
  • Respect: We develop an appreciation of all stakeholders and try to understand each other
  • Flexibility: We accept the change and ambiguity that exists in the internal and external environment
What is the way of working in uTrade?
  • Its nearly flat structure and all members are affable.
  • Members’ efforts and contributions are visible in small team.
  • Members’ desire to learn is encouraged by giving them stretched assignments.
  • Members can have exposure in various technologies and wherever possible, one can get to work in chosen one.
  • Hard work and smart work. There is no shortcut to success
What are other activities besides work in uTrade?

We work and party harder, besides monthly birthday celebrations and fun activities there is also major monthly event like adventure sport, parties in discs, bowling, movies, social cause visits, live matches in our own PCA stadium, badminton tournaments, cricket league, etc., etc., etc.

What are the growth opportunities for me at uTrade?

At uTrade, we believe that growth not only means an increment or promotion but overall development of one’s skills and abilities. You can move around in different roles within the company, for instance from QA to BA to Product Management. And, we invest a lot in Training and Development Programs for our members so that not only they are at par with the market standards but also earning a competitive package.

Is there flexibility in working hours?

Yes, we focus on work-consciousness rather than time-consciousness. We have an open work culture and understand the importance of work life balance essential for better work productivity. Hence, we have a policy of Flexi Timing to increase employee morale, engagement and commitment to the organization.

Is formal dress code required?

We have a relaxed culture when it comes to dress code. We believe in providing a comfortable work environment to our members so that they focus more on the productivity than other trivial things. You are most welcome to come in business casuals, no need to stress about “what to wear in the morning”

Is there a formal HR performance review process implemented in uTrade?

Yes, we understand that in order to succeed, not only we need to know our strengths but also we have to be aware of our areas of improvement. That is why, we have a formal Performance Review Process in place that helps you to gauge your performance at regular intervals and sets a clear roadmap for your career growth.

Join @ uTrade
How can I find out about open positions at uTrade?

Please visit our career page ( ) to know about the current open positions

Where and how can I send my resume?

You can mail your resume to Or you can download our COVE App from Playstore and upload your resume and documents there.
Here is the link :

Can I submit a resume even if I don't see a particular job of interest on the website?

Sure, your resume will stay in our database and we shall connect with you once we have a relevant position matching your skill and experience.

What happens once my resume is submitted?

Our recruitment team will review your resume and share the feedback with you within 1 week of receipt of application

Do you have any programs for recent college graduates?

Yes, we provide internships to fresh college graduates to give them a platform to learn and grow. After successful completion of internship, you can work as full time.

Why should I not join uTrade?
  • You want complete predictability in day to day work
  • You want to be managed
  • You want a 9-5 job
  • You are focused on salary only
  • You want a formal dress code
  • You are looking for a shortcut to success
  • You want to live in a large busy polluted metro city
  • You want to hide as a junior person without any responsibility
How many rounds of interviews at uTrade?
  • We have a comprehensive recruitment process. Kindly bear with us.
  • Initial Screening
  • Aptitude & Written Test
  • HR Round
  • Final Round with the Management
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