uTrade provides comprehensive product lines focused on retail trading and professional algo trading.

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Algo and HFT Traders

Trading Algos and HFT Systems

Ultra Low Latency Algo Trading

Achieve single digit microsecond latency in your trades with uTrade's low latency algo trading infrastructure that can be hosted in an exchange colocation environment, private data centers and on the cloud as well. uTrade packs 50+ services such as algo trading platforms with inbuilt multileg strategies for arbitrage, market making, execution and others. The system also supports smart order routing, large trades execution management, tick by tick (TBT) data subscriptions, block trading, portfolio management, trade simulation, historical backtesting and other related capital market solutions, which are leveraged by over a 100 financial institutions across 18 countries today.

With uTrade’s comprehensive C++ based Algo API, you can easily code, deploy and backtest your own algo trading strategies - all on a single platform.

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Retail Investors and Traders

Multi Asset Trading Platforms

Trade across Desktop, Web and Mobile Platforms

uTrade offers a comprehensive multi asset trading front office platform for Retail Brokers and Investors across Desktop, Web and Mobile devices, alongwith comprehensive risk management system and global market access.

The feature-rich applications are adopted by large brokerage companies, serving over a million end-users everyday. Loaded with comprehensive tools for intelligent trading, deep analytics, risk management, smart trading, price ladders, paper trading & exchange simulation, live and historical charting, intuitive click trading workflows, multileg spreads trading, white-label platforms, advanced order types, comprehensive reporting etc, uTrade also offers REST APIs that allow you to build your own front-end terminals across any platform and device and plug them into its advanced trading engine for smooth execution.

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Institutional Users

Care Order Management System

Systems designed for Institutional Sales and Trading

Engage a wide client base for executing trades across over 100 global trading destinations using adaptive execution algos and smart order routing strategies with uTrade's low latency Direct Market Access (DMA) system and Universal FIX Gateway.

uTrade also offers multi-touch care order flow management system (including One Touch DMA), with advanced EXECUTION AND ALLOCATION TOOLS FOR PORTFOLIO MANAGERS, global symbology management, offline order entries, controlled execution reports, FIX Client Admin, Global Order Book, Market Quote Aggregation - and many more features.

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Risk Managers

Risk Management and Surveillance Systems

Fast, Deep and Easy User Management

Manage all your users (including clients and internal teams) with uTrade Risk Management System (RMS) that offers comprehensive pre-trade and post-trade risk management tools. Loaded with over 300 risk configurations, dynamic trading risk dashboards, global order books, margin management tools, hierarchy & permissions management utilities, automated back office integrations, uTrade RMS the only solutions your organization needs for both online and offline trading risk surveillance, mitigation and management. uTrade RMS also helps you achieve all relevant compliance requirements, and delivers a wide variety of comprehensive reports for institutional grade book-keeping and trade analytics.

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Application Developers

Trading APIs

Customised algorithms and trading platforms

Build custom trading strategies, subscribe to real time market data and user positions, manage & monitor trading risk, and design custom trading platforms across Web, Desktop and Mobile devices using uTrade's comprehensive API Kits that offer a 100% on-demand exposure to uTrade's backend infrastructure and internal services. Host your setup on cloud, private data centers or exchange colocation as per requirement - and connect with over 100+ global trading destinations using your custom trading frontends, connected with uTrade's ultra low latency trading engines and adaptors.

Brokers and Data Vendors

Market Data and Charting Solutions

Real Time Data Subscription and Transmission

Access any and every data stream offered by Exchanges and other trading venues, and further distribute unlimited levels with market data handler (including real time tick by tick TBT data) which offers one of the fastest data transfer rates to your subscribers. uTrade also offers chart data handlers that help you process live and historical market data, and integrate with all popular charting libraries.

What's more, these easy plug-and-play charting application solutions can be hosted anywhere as per your choice - in an exchange co-location environment, in your private data centers or even on cloud.

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Stock Exchanges

Matching Engine and Complete Exchange Technology

uTrade is a rising provider of financial exchange technology for trading venues of all sizes and geographies. Our solutions have been built from the ground up with technologies and best development practices that assure heavyweight performance, stability and scalability for all the sophisticated functionalities you need to implement to gain competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market environ.

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Financial Institutions

Custom Development Services

Untangle complex business requirements with uTrade and access our deep bench of domain expert application developers. quality assurance professionals, product designers and managers, project managers and supporting staff to build scalable and reliable enterprise solutions.

Think of us as an extension of your team - uTrade carries over 1200+ man years worth of requirement delivery experience and can help you build the next big thing for your organizations.

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