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uTrade is a FinTech company providing multi-asset full suite trading platform, low latency algos engine, risk management and DMA FIX gateway.

Our products are widely used by global financial institutions including Brokers, Algo Firms, Banks, Stock Exchanges, Fund managers and their end customers.

Our Products
uTrade uTrade is a full suite multi-asset trading platform offering a web, mobile & desktop trading front end, along with comprehensive risk management OMS, Algos engine, and market gateways, for retail, prop and algo traders Know More
‚ÄčmuTrade muTrade is a low latency, high frequency trading platform; which is available as an independent module delivered along with various algorithms, including Arbitrage, Market Making, Execution, Quant Based algorithms, as well as FIX and Algo APIs to code proprietary logics. Know More
‚ÄčOther Modules uTrade offers it several modules to be used as standalone solutions. That includes, Low Latency DMA access to markets via FIX or native APIs, Offline Risk system as a secondary post trade risk management system, etc. Know More
Global Clients
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