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uTrade offers one of the fastest and most comprehensive connectivity gateways to different global exchanges, OTCs, private execution gateways and more - with highly advanced technology adaptors that deliver the lowest communication latency.

Gateway Connectivity

Global Partners

We foresee tremendous growth in use of technology across capital markets. We strongly believe in the partnership model with financial institutions; to maximize automation in the trading workflows efficiently (rather than just a client-vendor relationship). We work closely with our client base that includes brokers, banks, hedge funds, high frequency trading firms, exchanges, and other financial institutions to offer them customizations, exclusivity, as well as on-going support & training.

We also partner with various other firms including middle and back office providers, research distribution houses, market data and analytics providers, exchange gateway providers, exchange, ISVs and several more.

Looking to partner with uTrade?

We’re looking to collaborate with global fintech firms for delivering smarter technology solutions to the industry.