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uTrade RMS is a low latency, modular and comprehensive risk management solution that can be used for pre-trade and post-trade risk management across a wide variety of asset classes and stock exchanges. It is a one-stop solution for creating and managing trading clients, dealers, administrators and different nodes/branches within an organisation’s defined hierarchy. Implemented with proprietary logics for minimum latency in order flow, the uTrade RMS offers 150+ distinct risk checks and robust risk mitigation tools which are extremely flexible in their configuration. These risk configurations may be leveraged either as a primary/online part of the trading system, or as a secondary/offline post-risk management kit plugged with a third party order generating system (HFT / FPGA etc.), as per requirement.


300+ Risk Configurations

Manage Exposure, Permissions and Rule Based Automations

SPAN Margin

VAR Margins

ELM and Exposure Limits

Open Order Exposure

Positional Exposure

Turnover Management

Gross Underlying Exposure

Volatility & Liquidity Control

Auto Positions Flattening

Real Time MTM Inclusions

Local Compliance Requirements



Accurate, Real Time Reporting across all Operations

Global Dashboards

Automated Alerts & Actions

Live Reporting

Historical Reports

Margin Utilization Monitors

Connectivity Management

Email and Text Alerts


Users Management

Digitize all Workflows, across the organisation heirarchy

Implement Online Heirarchy across Local Offices, Admins, Traders & Clients

User Onboarding & KYCs

Permissioned Access Roles

Broadcast & Multicast Messaging

Backoffice Integrations

CRM & IVR Integrations

Configurable Account States


Regulatory Compliant

Regulatory Compliant

uTrade RMS helps ensure that all mandatory regulatory compliance requirements are met for relevant trading operations.

 Works Online & Offline

Works Online & Offline

uTrade RMS can also be deployed as an offline RMS for multi-layer post-trade risk management & alerts dissemination.



Being a highly scalable technology solution, one uTrade RMS setup can manage millions of users and clients across all your trading operations.

Adopt the Fastest, Smartest and most Trusted RMS for Your Trading Ops

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Custom Trading Products

Offer unique margin trading products to different client groups, with customised margin templates on different asset baskets.

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Multiple Currencies

uTrade offers smart currency convertors that integrate across complete order flow and risk management cycles, and allow your users to maintain trading balances in their native currency and simultaneously trade on any foreign currency.

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Local and Global Configurations

With uTrade RMS, registered Risk Admins across the implemented system hierarchy can configure risk limits across their local and global levels, for different user and asset groups.

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Multi-level, Innovative Features

Gain competitive advantage by accessing new, innovative risk mitigation and surveillance tools found only in uTrade RMS, which make managing client and trading operations much faster and easier.

uTrade RMS is trusted by clients across the globe.

Talk to us and explore how uTrade can help achieve your most ambitious trading technology requirements.