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News18 in Conversation with Kunal Nandwani, CEO uTrade Solutions

3 September 2021 | News 18

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Understanding the Nuances of Algo Trading for Retail Traders by uTrade Team

2 September 2021 | The Morning Context

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Outlook India: Technology Trends that will Redefine the Future of Finance by uTrade

30 August 2021

Companies are innovating to bring advanced analytics, real-time monitoring to the evolving landscape of fintech Technology and finance have always been intertwined, from the invention of the abacus to make financial calculations easier, to the super computers that are used to drive complex financial models today.

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Why millennials love robo-advisors and algorithmic trades : uTrade Team

7 July 2021 | Money Control

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How fintech industry can prepare itself before third wave of COVID hits?

29 June 2021 | CNBC TV 18

As India’s devastating second COVID-19 wave recedes, health and policy experts have called for heightened preparation to prevent a possible third wave.

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The global hope and hype around non-fungible tokens

25 March 2021 | Live Mint

It’s just another blockchain fad and bragging rights may be all a buyer is left with once this bubble bursts

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Rise of Algo Trading: The Invisible Hand in Stock Markets

22 March 2021 | Live Mint

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FinTech speech by Utrade CEO

November 2018

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Sebi announces norms to make algo trading more accessible

March 2018 | Live Mint

Sebi has asked stock exchanges to introduce shared co-location services to cut algo trading costs.

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Sebi to focus on big bang market reforms at board meeting

March 2018 | Live Mint

Sebi to consider proposals such as making algorithmic trading cheaper and more accessible, and reducing fees charged by mutual funds to unit holders.

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Long Blockchain Corp. Agrees to Acquire Hashcove.

March 2018 | Live Mint

Long Blockchain Corp. Agrees to Acquire Hashcove, a UK-Based Company Building Distributed Ledger Technologies for Financial Markets.

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Capital Markets Blockchains 2016

September 2016 | EuroMoney Seminars

Hong Kong : Capital Markets Blockchanins 2016, Event Speakers Overview


Utrade views on Algo trading rule changes - CNBC

August 2016 | CNBC

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SEBI may tighten algo trading rules

August 2016 | Reuters

Mumbai: India's capital market regulator said on Friday it was considering tightening rules for algorithmic trading, citing concerns about fair access to markets.

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Sebi proposes ways to slow down high frequency trading

August 2016 | LiveMint

Mumbai: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has proposed seven new ways to level the playing field between those using high frequency trading (HFT) systems and regular market users. In a discussion paper released on Friday, the capital market regulator said it is “examining various options to allay the fear and concern of unfair and inequitable access to the trading systems of exchanges”.

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ET in the Classroom: All about Algo Trading

August 2016 | Economic Times

On August 5, Sebi released a discussion paper to tighten regulations on algo trading to ensure fair play and has sought public comments by August 31. ET explains the importance of algo trading and the impact if the measures are implemented.

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uTrade interview on CNBC around how HFT benefits retail investors

August 2016 | CNBC Money Control

Today when a retail investor goes to the market, buys share, gets done within a second. It is not by magic. It is by technology behind the depth that is provided by algo and HFT players and they are there for a reason to help match the prices across different investors and help provide the tighter spreads.

India’s steps to regulate algorithmic trading may hurt liquidity

August 2016 | Nikkei Asian Review

MUMBAI (NewsRise) -- India's capital markets regulator recently proposed measures to tighten regulations on algorithmic trading to ensure equal and fair access to all market participants, but traders are concerned the steps may pose a threat to prevalent liquidity available on the exchanges.

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Algo trades set to surge in India, match developed markets

June 2016 | ET Markets

MUMBAI: With Sebi looking at stricter norms to regulate high-frequency trades (HFT), leading algo trading system providers say the usage of this technology is set to surge in the country and be at par with developed economies.

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uTrade brings bitcoin tech to market

June 2016 | Business Line

Chandigarh–based start-up uTrade Solutions, which sells data analytics, trading platforms and algorithms, has launched a product that allows stock exchange trades to be cleared and settled instantaneously.

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What Will Make Startup India Truly ‘Stand Up And Be Counted

May 2016 | Inc 42

What a year 2016 is turning out to be from the viewpoint of India’s Startup ecosystem! The year got off to a ‘Big-Bang’ start with the Prime Minister outlining the Startup India Action Plan, indicative of the significance his government has ascribed to startups as job creators and growth stimulators.

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Fintech Asia interviews Kunal Nandwani, CEO of uTrade Solutions

March 2016 | Fine Tech Asia

Kunal Nandwani is the co-founder and CEO of uTrade Solutions, an India-based fintech startup kick-started in 2011. uTrade is an open source trading platform available both on desktop and mobile, for retail brokers, algorithmic trading software for institutions and proprietary traders.

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Demystifying Blockchain: A Potential Catalyst For New Age Financial Markets

February 2016 | BW BusinessWorld

December 30 last year was a red letter day for people in the business of financial technologies. As much as most of us were preparing to usher in the new year with pomp and celebrations, it was a day that marked the dawn of a new era and a 'seminal moment' as Bob Greifeld, CEO of Nasdaq,..

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UTrade ships blockchain settlement system for Indian capital markets

15 June, 2016 | Finextra

uClear is India's first blockchain technology driven solution that will enable real time clearing and settlement of contracts across the cash and derivatives segments of the financial markets. The first stage of adoption will be led by the Over-the-Counter (OTC) segments without existing central clearing infrastructure such as foreign exchange (FX) and the fixed income securities markets.

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Demystifying Blockchain: A potential catalyst for New Age Financial Markets

19 Feburary, 2016 | Business World

While a lot of regulatory skepticism does exist on the future of crypto currencies like the Bitcoin, the future of the technology powering it is sure to find greater acceptance.

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Bloomberg TV profiles uTrade Solutions on its show "Rising Stars"

19 November, 2015 | Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV interviews Kunal Nandwani, CEO, uTrade Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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Why participants in the Indian financial market need to adopt secondary risk management systems?

06 November, 2015 | Business Insider

As much as Algorithmic-based programmed trading can be a boon, in terms of increasing the probability of greater profits, the collateral damage that it can unleash, if implemented without a proper risk management apparatus, can be quite catastrophic.

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Back-testing of algos soon to become norm at exchanges

19 October, 2015 | Business Standard

"We believe that the back-testing framework is a useful mechanism to stress test trading algos against extreme events like abrupt market movements, and the outputs can be used to refine the algos so as to avoid errors in live trading, making markets a safer place," said Kunal Nandwani, Chief Executive Officer, uTrade Solutions.

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Algorithmic Trading: Setting the record straight

24 July, 2015 | Moneycontrol

Automated trading impacts markets positively by bringing in greater liquidity, efficient price discovery, efficient order execution due to greater objectivity than human emotion, reduced scope for human errors and most importantly - lesser information leakage.

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Is Chandigarh all set to become the next Startup hub?

29 June, 2015 | YourStory

The article talks about the current startup scene in Chandigarh and also profiles uTrade.

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Why Open Source is a game changer for Financial Technology Industry

11 June, 2015 | ERP Insights

Open Source software has taken the world by storm over the last two decades or so. ` The article explains why and how Open Source Technology will change the future of Financial Technology industry.

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Algorithmic trading in domestic commodities sees sharp spike

02 June, 2015 | Mint

While such trading is popular in equities, it has picked up relatively recently in the commodities market.

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Why Open Source is a game changer for Financial Technology Industry

29 May, 2015 | Dataquest

Open Source software has taken the world by storm over the last two decades or so. The article explains why and how Open Source Technology will change the future of Financial Technology industry.

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Future of Fintech

07 May, 2015 | The Fintech Book

Fintech will continue to grow and stay in headlines, but it will be far from the full disruption. I do not see a google or facebook dominating the fintech yet. It will continue to be highly fragmented with various small'ish leaders driving the disruptions. Higher VC capital getting allocated to Fintech shall lead to some key leaders emerge by the end of this decade.

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Why algorithmic trading must not be blamed for market crashes?

07 May, 2015 | Dataquest

Kunal Nandwani, CEO & Founder, uTrade Solutions demystifies some of the common myths associated with algorithmic trading, and tells us why the recent Sensex fall of 723 points was not due to algorithmic trading.

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uTrade Solutions features in 2014 Red Herring Asia top 100 technology companies

24 August, 2014 | Red Herring

uTrade Solutions, India's based global financial technology company has been selected for Red Herring's Top 100 Asia award, a prestigious list honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures from the Asian business region.

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Open Source for capital markets technologies

27 March, 2014 | uTrade Solutions, London

Kunal Nandwani from uTrade Solutions, explaining why Open Source for capital markets technologies is the way forward; at London Fintech Innovation Labs final investor / Media Day 26th March 2014.

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Making futuristic platforms for stock traders

22 September, 2013 | The Hindu

Enabling smarter and faster trading is the motto of the one-year-old company uTrade Solutions. Kunal Nandwani, 32, who founded the company with three friends - Ashish Grover, Harwinder Sidhu and Mayank Mathur - says they provide faster, smarter and more efficient trading solutions to brokers, banks and investors. "We analyse the trading process for information access, trading decisions and post-trade analytics. Our unique trading and technology experience helps us build smarter and futuristic trading platforms,"Nandwani said.

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uTrade Solutions onboarded as algo vendor for BSE

04 September, 2013 | BSE

This is to inform all the trading members that the Exchange has on-boarded a new vendor M/s uTrade Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the Algo software vendor category under Technology Programme with effect from 1st September 2013. uTrade will provide algo ids for Bidding/Market Making, and various other algorithms.

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Tier-II cities witness startup action

01 September, 2013 | Times Of India

32-year-old ex-investment banker Kunal Nandwani chose Chandigarh to start Utrade Solutions, an online stock trading platform.

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