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uTrade packs dozens of inbuilt trading algorithms and advanced API kits to help you execute orders faster and with more precision.

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Onboarding your teams and new employees is not a challenge anymore, with customised support services available on-site or on-line, as needed.

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Need custom developed workflows, features or screens? No problem. Raise a request with your uTrade account manager today.

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Expanding your equities desk with technology

Normally, trading on the order book is restricted to broker-dealers and market making firms that are members of the exchange. Using DMA, investment companies (also known as buy side firms) and other private traders use the information technology infrastructure of sell side firms such as investment banks and the market access that those firms possess, but control the way a trading transaction is managed themselves rather than passing the order over to the broker’s own in-house traders for execution. Today, DMA is often combined with algorithmic trading giving access to many different trading strategies.

uTrade DMA is trusted by clients across the globe.

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