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Upto 50%* Lesser Bandwidth Consumption

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Unlimited Levels of Market Data

Allow competitive edge to your clients by exposing deeper depths of market data, that can uncover useful insights on the prevailing demand and supply spreads.

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Real Time, Tick-by-Tick Streams

uTrade connects with all major stock exchanges, works across all asset classes, any market data stream type and can also be plugged into any frontend and backend trading systems. It is vendor technology and geography agnostic.

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Faster Back Tracing on Charts

Our proprietary Chart Data Handler and Historical Data Manager offers access to complete historical data and live chart updates, with one of the lowest refresh/back-tracking times in the industry.

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Customisation Available

Need custom developed workflows or features? No problem. Raise a request with your uTrade account manager today.



Host Anywhere

Cloud / Data Centre / Exchange Co-location


Scalable Solution

Vertically and Horizontally Scalable as needed


High Availability

All system deployments are protected by relevant DR mechanisms.


Global Market
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Is slow market data slowing down your users?

Normally, trading on the order book is restricted to broker-dealers and market making firms that are members of the exchange. Using DMA, investment companies (also known as buy side firms) and other private traders use the information technology infrastructure of sell side firms such as investment banks and the market access that those firms possess, but control the way a trading transaction is managed themselves rather than passing the order over to the broker’s own in-house traders for execution. Today, DMA is often combined with algorithmic trading giving access to many different trading strategies.

uTrade DMA is trusted by clients across the globe.

Talk to us and explore how uTrade can help achieve your most ambitious trading technology requirements.