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Achieve single digit microsecond latency in your trades with uTrade’s low latency algo trading infrastructure that can be hosted in an exchange colocation environment, private data centers and on the cloud as well. uTrade packs 50+ services such as algo trading platforms with inbuilt multileg strategies for arbitrage, market making, execution and others. The system also supports smart order routing, large trades execution management, tick by tick (TBT) data subscriptions, block trading, portfolio management, trade simulation, historical backtesting and other related capital market solutions, which are leveraged by over a 100 financial institutions across 18 countries today.

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Ultra Low Latency Multi-Asset Algo Engine

Experience consistent sub 10-microsecond latency from market data tick-in to system order-out when you use uTrade’s algo engine to trade across equities, futures, options, FX, commodities and other listed assets across global exchanges.



Inbuilt Suite Of Trading Strategies

Exploit multi-asset strategies designed and used by industry experts that come with your uTrade subscription, for a wide variety of use cases including Arbitrage, Execution and Market Making.

Inbuild Suite


APIs & Simulation Environment

Code your own algos in developer-friendly environments, with complete access to user data, market data streams and transaction messages. Backtest and simulate algos on a private testing environment provided by uTrade, and deploy them on live markets with an ultra fast trading engine.   Read More

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Greeks Neutralization & Auto Flatten

uTrade offers advanced in-built utilities for monitoring and hedging risk associated with Derivatives Trading. It links dynamically with all strategy instances and consolidates positions in predefined portfolios of your choice, while allowing for both automated and manual hedging based on a variety of configurable triggers.

Crypto Portfolio

uTrade trading infrastructure ensures compliance with all leading exchanges that you may want to deploy the algos at. Strategies offered by uTrade are customizable in their functionality and also offer robust risk-mitigation tools.




Exchange Co-location

Exchange Co-location

Private Data Center

Private Data Center

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Risk & Users Management

Stay compliant with relevant regulatory requirements + 300 risk checks.

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Market Data Broadcast

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Algo APIs

Build your own trading terminals, wealth advisory platforms or robo trading terminals.

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Customisation Possibilities

uTrade can help turn your imagination into reality with custom developed solutions.

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How to start your own algo trading desk?

The domain of Algorithmic Trading is a lucrative technological advancement, anyone can establish their own algo trading desk and start trading smartly. You need domain knowledge, skilled resources, technology and infrastructure in the form of hardware and software in order to start your own Algo trading desk. The requirements, especially in terms of regulations and cost estimates vary depending on the country to plan to set up your desk. Read More

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